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Last Friday was Korea Day in Central Park.  Food stalls were set up around Naumburg Bandshell, ranging from kimchi, rice cakes to Melona (메로나; melon-flavored popsicle), handing out samples of Korean food for free.  Long lines were everywhere, but, as expected, the longest line was at the Bulgogi & Kimchi Taco stall, where I just gave up looking for the end of the line.  It was a pleasantly warm summer day, a nice surprise compared to consistently hot-humid-rainy days we’d had in July.

I didn’t get to stay as long as I wanted, because I got lost getting there (I thought I knew my way around Central Park, but I am directionally-challenged after all) and I had to leave for work soon after I got there.  Next year, I’ll go camp out early enough and be the first one to try all the food and catch some performances.

I found more, better pictures of the event here and here.


Friday         금요일   (geum yo il)

weekend      주말      (ju mal)

next year     내년     (nae nyeon)

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