The Busan International Food Expo 2010 will go from November 10th to November 13th at BEXCO and Yawijeon Market 야외전시장. I don’t know how “international” they plan for this to be since the “English” button doesn’t work this late in the game. But they do want some foreign cooks to participate. Busan Haps says they’re looking for 5-6 to 4 (isn’t that a Chicago song) cooks. I think they’re looking for cooks for two separate events. I’m not the brightest person behind a keyboard.

So they provide you with the equipment and food, and you cook your thang–like an expat version of Korean food. More details and entry information is on Busan Haps.

[HT to Joshua]

[googleMap name=”BEXCO”]1500 U-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea[/googleMap]

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