• Joseph C. Kim

    It’s always difficult to convince people to try kimchi. Just smell it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.kim.35762241 Joseph C. Kim

    What I meant to say was that kimchi may smell strange to non-Koreans.

    • http://zenkimchi.com ZenKimchi

      That’s a concept the gov’t promoters couldn’t wrap their heads around. They assumed non-Koreans had a hard time with the spiciness.

    • Rachel

      It’s not about the smell. It’s the fact that it’s fermented. I think pretty much every Westerner I’ve known has tried and liked kimchi, save a few. Some people don’t like fermented food, and some are worried about kimchi being consumed morning, afternoon, and night may be doing to Korean’s stomachs (stomach cancer being the biggest concern).

      • http://zenkimchi.com ZenKimchi

        I think it’s both. Westerners freak out about fermentation while missing the fact that they eat fermented foods all the time. They confuse fermentation with rot.

        The smell, though, freaks a few people out. Even the U.S. Army had a term, to be in “deep kimchi.”

  • Quakerbd

    I think the foreigners of HBC and Kyungnidan will riot if another burger/pizza place opens…ALL they want is some freakin’ dalk galbi, the true #1 foreigner favorite!

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