Joe with kimchi

For the next few months I’m a guest blogger at Gonggam Korea (Korea.kr), a giant Korean-language meta-blog. I’ll mostly be writing about my observations and suggestions for promoting Korean food to Americans, kind of an expansion on my TED talk.

The first piece came out a few weeks ago. It’s on why taste should take a priority over health properties when promoting to Americans in the 2010s.

Let’s start with a little recent culinary history of America. In the 1960s, health food movements started in California. This grew into the health and exercise fad of the 1980s. Americans were told to eat nutritious foods like granola, wheat germ and tofu (American tofu is not very good). By the 1990s health food was considered bad tasting and boring. Top that with studies coming out each week saying how one health food was suddenly bad for you, and Americans began to distrust anyone who said anything was healthy.

Read more at Korea.kr.

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