Credit: Heungsub Lee on Flickr (CC)

Wow, you’d never know the G20 was in town, would ya?

I tell you, I took the subway today, and I’m not taking it again until this is over. It’s freakin’ scary with all those graphic emergency info videos playing in the subway cars and on the platforms–bombs exploding, fires blazing, people falling down foaming at the mouth.

I think I’ll celebrate Pepero Day at home.

Yes, it’s 11/11–time to break out the sticks. This is my first Pepero Day as a non-teacher, so I know I won’t be up on the latest forms of chocolate-dipped breadsticks. I don’t want no garaetteok, either!

Out of curiosity, what is your favorite style of Pepero? And, no, “none of the above” is a cop out.

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