Poll: How will you spend Christmas?

This poll is intended for people in Korea, but anyone can take it. The farther a person goes from home, the stronger little traditions pull them, especially holidays. During my adult life in America, I had become jaded towards Christmas. I didn’t drink egg nog....

German Christmas Market

One thing I miss about Germany is Christmas, and I was too young and stupid when I lived there to appreciate it. A Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) is full of the smells, sights and sounds that are the origins of worldwide Christmas traditions. Today (Friday) until...

French Christmas Market

In America, it’s Santa waving at the end of the Macy’s Thankgiving Parade. In Seoul, the Christmas season starts with the French Market, or Marché de Noël. Well, at least for me it does. Last year was so much fun, and the year’s first snow arrived...
Korean Christmas Cakes 2009

Korean Christmas Cakes 2009

To an expat like me, Korean Christmas lacks the warmth of family and tradition.  It’s a new holiday, and it’s treated more like Valentine’s Day.  It’s been around for a while, at least since G.I.s gave gifts during the Korean War.  But...
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