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The Coffeeist Manifesto: No More Bad Coffee!

If you have enjoyed my occasional posts about coffee in Korea, you might like my new book, The Coffeeist Manifesto, just released on the Amazon Kindle store. This book contains everything the novice coffee aficionado needs to know about the coffee industry, how to make awesome coffee at home, and how to not get ripped off when visiting coffee shops. The best thing about it is it’s FREE! …for roughly the next 16 hours...

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"The Art of Korean Cooking" … in 1959

"The Art of Korean Cooking" … in 1959

Posted by Grace Meng A friend of mine recently gave me an amazing gift, a Korean cookbook published in 1959 that she found in a used bookstore.  Called “The Art of Korean Cooking,” it’s a slim, spiral-bound book of just over 100 pages.  There are no photos, but there are nice drawings by Joon Lee, and the prose, by Harriet Morris, is straightforward and clear, even if she is a little anxious about making sure the...

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The Miele Guide 2009/2010

I just received the new edition for The Miele Guide, and it’s much improved from last year.  It’s thicker.  Korea just gets six pages and it’s still Singapore heavy (that’s where it’s published), but that’s a big improvement over last year’s two pages, and this year it’s not all restaurants in the same hotel.  In fact, some of ZenKimchi’s faves, like Star Chef’s Hu-nam Kim,...

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The Amateur Gourmet.  Cool Dude.

The Amateur Gourmet. Cool Dude.

I’ve been a fan of the Amateur Gourmet for a long while. It’s funny that we both started blogging at around the same time. He started in Atlanta in early 2004. I started in Korea soon after leaving Atlanta in early 2004. Of course, my original blog was personal stuff primarily to inform my family regularly that I was still alive. The Food Journal was born in Fall 2005 (oh, we’re coming upon a birthday, are we). This...

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