TRENDWATCH: Sugar Cane Juice

You can tell when a vendor has had some success at one of the many food expos during the year. It looks like sugar cane juicers hit it big. There are three major areas where I check for street food trends, Insa-dong, Myeong-dong, and Hongdae. I first saw this in...
Nosh of the Day: Poop Bread

Nosh of the Day: Poop Bread

Was giving an all-day private tour yesterday. One of the things we had was Insa-dong’s Ddong Bbang (“Poop Bread”). It’s a lot like IngeoBbang/BungeoBbang (the fish-shaped pastries). It’s a pancake batter cooked in a mold and filled with...

Noryangjin Food Stalls Threatened

Curtis File has written a story for Yonhap about the popular Noryangjin food stalls and the movement by restaurants and convenience stores to kick them out. This may sound familiar to you, as it’s where we posted about the unique Poktanbap “Bomb...
The Future of Street Food?

The Future of Street Food?

Based on Tammy’s and Seoul Sub–>Urban’s posts, I wanted to check out this “Bomb Rice” Poktanbap 폭탄밥 in Noryangjin. I was in the area anyway. To find it, leave Noryangjin Station (line 1) and cross the overpass away from the fish...
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