Two-Two Fried Chicken

This is the first of our Chicken, Chicken, Chicken series of chicken joints in Korea. We’re starting with the grandaddy of chicken hofs, Two-Two, sometimes called by its Korean transliteration, Dul-Dul 둘둘치킨. For me, this was my introduction to Korean fried...
Smoked Turkey at Korea Barbecue

Smoked Turkey at Korea Barbecue

When my friend Chris and I usually meet up near his place, he always prefers to go sit outside at this fried chicken restaurant. The place is okay. Service is great, and the fries are good. Yet I had noticed that a barbecued chicken joint had opened near him. He had...
Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

(Photo by The Daily Kimchi) I have been meaning to tackle this subject for a while. I had my first taste of Korean fried chicken during my first week here in February 2004. Two Two Fried Chicken. I was instantly hooked.What makes Korean fried chicken so different?...
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