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How is Hite's New Queen's Ale?

It’s already been a year since Daniel Tudor’s column in┬áThe Economist about the sad state of South Korean beer, even when compared to North Korean beer. It wasn’t the beer itself he bemoaned but the lack of choice. Only three major brands with little variation. They all taste the same unless you’ve been drinking them a long time. At first, the big chaebol brewers scoffed at the article. They said they were...

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TRENDWATCH: Sugar Cane Juice

You can tell when a vendor has had some success at one of the many food expos during the year. It looks like sugar cane juicers hit it big. There are three major areas where I check for street food trends, Insa-dong, Myeong-dong, and Hongdae. I first saw this in Hongdae last month, and I saw it again last weekend in Myeong-dong. Last year it looked to be fresh squeezed lemonade and, to a smaller extent, coconuts with straws stuck in...

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Zen’s Booze Review: 7brau India Pale Ale
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Andrew Salmon's take on beer in Korea

Not to be outdone, legendary Korea pundit and one-time ZenKimchi contributor Andrew Salmon has a thing or two to say about Korea’s flaccid beer duopoly (flaccid in the taste, not the power). If the government lowered the ceiling on beer production, it could release a wave of entrepreneurial Korean microbrewers. Might we see kimchi-flavored pilsners, chili-flavored wheat beers, burnt sesame-infused stouts, or crisp pale ales made...

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Korean Beers in the News

Wow, the two big Korean breweries are getting a double punch this week. First is an in-depth piece (as in tons of numbers) by our good friend Joshua Hall (Wine Korea) in The Wall Street Journal. He talks about how the FTAs barely put a dent in beer prices in Korea because of all the other taxes levied on beer. Despite that the import market has grown significantly. He also points out how laws have effectively squashed any local...

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The Coffeeist Manifesto: No More Bad Coffee!

If you have enjoyed my occasional posts about coffee in Korea, you might like my new book, The Coffeeist Manifesto, just released on the Amazon Kindle store. This book contains everything the novice coffee aficionado needs to know about the coffee industry, how to make awesome coffee at home, and how to not get ripped off when visiting coffee shops. The best thing about it is it’s FREE! …for roughly the next 16 hours...

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Seoul Restaurant Expat Guide

Restaurant Guide CoverGet the Seoul Restaurant Expat Guide. Over 400 restaurants reviewed by people who know Seoul. Don’t have Kindle? Get the Kindle app and try it.

5.0 out of 5 stars A sorely needed guide to some of the best, not quite the best and best avoided restaurants …” Paul Matthews

“5.0 out of 5 stars Seoul Restaurant Expat Guide is a treasure map to good eats.” Stephen Redeker

Included are nifty features such as the following:

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