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Cronut Copy found in Seoul

So, the news came out that Dunkin’ Donuts in Korea and The Philippines is the first corporation to try to mimic Dominiq Ansel’s famous cronut that’s the hit of the summer in New York, calling it a “New York Pie Donut.” (A Korean company wary of intellectual property infringement?) Deh Tow on Facebook was able to score one and took the pictures above. He tells us, “Satisfying…warm,...

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At the Bakery: World Cup Bread

Paris Baguette has come out with the Park Ji Sung “Shooting Star” roll/bread concoction. It looks to be like a disfigured soccer ball with the yinyang symbol on it. If you didn’t know it was for Team Korea in the World Cup, you’d think it was some sacred Buddhist ceremonial bun. Ah, how Zen. By the way, starting a new category here for the stuff I find at the bakeries–good and...

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