Seoul Coffee Expo 2012

The success of the Korea Cafe Fair, held in the tail end of winter the past two years, seems to have motivated the COEX convention center to start organizing their own effort, the Seoul Coffee Expo. I, on behalf of ZenKimchi, was on hand for the first annual expo....

Korea Day in Central Park

Korea Day in New York happened on Tuesday, August 16th, almost 2 weeks ago.  This post is way overdue, but I still want to share some pictures from the day.  Also, the video clip is poorly shot with my iphone, but I thought it would give you an idea of the vibe of the...

"Brew Your Hops Off" Homebrew Competition

Here is a great way to spend your Saturday afternoon in Seoul. Homebrew Korea is having another homebrew competition, and it’s all-you-can-drink for W35,000 (at the door). Homebrewing has been getting some respect in Korea lately. And it has been getting some...

'Brew Your Best' Fest — November 20th

There. Done. Actually, I went to the Homebrew Korea SMaSH Off back in June, and it was great. The buzz is that this will be even better. Check out the Facebook event page and the thread at the HBK Forums. And if you have your own batch of homebrew, bring it along. It...

Busan International Food Expo 2010

The Busan International Food Expo 2010 will go from November 10th to November 13th at BEXCO and Yawijeon Market 야외전시장. I don’t know how “international” they plan for this to be since the “English” button doesn’t work this late in...

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