Korean food is not comfort food?

Posted by Tammy John Kessler, a food writer/blogger for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution posted his latest article called Chef’s Night Out with Tom Colicchio, about a chef’s night out with Top Chef Judge Tom Colicchio and local Top Chef alumni Richard Blais and...
"He Might Be a Unicorn" (Top Chef, s06, e04)

"He Might Be a Unicorn" (Top Chef, s06, e04)

Each season of Top Chef has the episode to weed out the chefs without the French culinary training.  This was as Frenchy as French could French.  It was Maurice Chevalier sitting on a wheel of brie drinking Côtes du Rhône reading Victor Hugo with Pepé le Pew on the...
Thoughts on Top Chef (Season 6, Ep. 1-3)

Thoughts on Top Chef (Season 6, Ep. 1-3)

I’m keeping up with Top Chef through iTunes, and it’s been way past time to throw in some armchair commentary–just to add to the gaggle of food bloggers already doing so.  Do I need to say that there will be spoilers in this?  Just stop reading if...
Yea, HUNG!!

Yea, HUNG!!

Just watched the “Top Chef” season 3 finale. Actually having some waterworks. I want to comment more about this season and last–but not now. All I can think of is — WOW! Dreading going to sleep tonight. I know I’m going have another high...
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