Poll: How will you spend Christmas?

This poll is intended for people in Korea, but anyone can take it. The farther a person goes from home, the stronger little traditions pull them, especially holidays. During my adult life in America, I had become jaded towards Christmas. I didn’t drink egg nog....

Poll: Your Favorite Pepero Flavor

Wow, you’d never know the G20 was in town, would ya? I tell you, I took the subway today, and I’m not taking it again until this is over. It’s freakin’ scary with all those graphic emergency info videos playing in the subway cars and on the...

Poll: Are There Too Many Side Dishes?

A recent piece in the Korea Times about Korean food globalization hits a lot of key points that are easily debatable. The distinction of this piece is that it’s based on interviews with Korean restaurateurs outside of Korea. One particular passage struck me:...

Poll: Do You Like Standardized Food Carts?

I’m trying not to show my bias in this. Seoul has had a love-hate relationship with its own street food. Even though they are heavily patronized by citizens, the government has treated them in the past as embarrassments. I think they even tried to ban them or...
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