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Shinshine (Editor, New York Bureau Chief) cooks French food in a restaurant kitchen full-time and Korean food in her tiny home kitchen on weekends. Her food adventure reflects her childhood from Korea, her daily life in Manhattahn, and her enthusiasm for endless possibilities of Korean food, which she shares with the readers of ZenKimchi Food Journal as well as her own blog www.shinshine.com. With her understanding of Korean and American cultures, culinary trends and languages, she has also written about Korean food scenes in New York and food trends of Manhattan for Korean publications, and translated for the Korean food dictionary project.

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Yonhap Feature: Visitors learn to make their own Korean dishes

Here is my latest feature article for Yonhap News.  I started working on this in Seoul then finished it when I came back to New York.  I am introducing a few different options for people who are considering a Korean cooking class in Seoul.  The table below didn’t make it to the article, but I thought some of you might find it useful. Click Image to Enlarge Table   (Yonhap Feature) Visitors learn to make their own Korean...

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Spring Herb Dishes of Korea

Clockwise from the top left are seawater tofu, dallae (달래 – small wild onion or Allium monanthum), naeng-yi (냉이 – Capsella bursapastoris), and godeul bbaegi (고들뺴기 – Crepidiastrum sonchifolium).  With the exception of tofu, these are considered early spring herbs easily found in grocery stores.  But the ones above that I found in Chuncheon open market (오일장 – o il jang) were a different breed with their flavors...

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Fresh Tot (a.k.a. hijiki) 3 Ways

One thing I miss about living in Korea is the abundance of sea vegetables.  Although more people are now aware of and have found applications for a couple of kinds of dried seaweed in the U.S., such as nori (김 – gim, dried laver) for California rolls and kombu (다시마 – dashima, dried kelp) for quick dashi stock, I feel that these still fall into one mysteriously unattractive grass category lumped in as...

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Delicious Seoul Scenes

Here are a few things I’ve been doing in Seoul for the last 2 weeks… Pollock stew (생태찌개 – saeng tae jji gae) in a brass pot cooked at the table.  Once ignored as a reminder of the hard times, this type of thin brass pots and bowls called yang-pun (양푼) made a comeback as a nostalgic memento in Korea.  I love how Korean stews can be so hearty and refreshing at the same time, and having pollock-in-season as the main...

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Shin's Korea Trip – First Update

It’s already been 10 days since I arrived in Seoul.  I try to keep a relaxed vacation pace, but that doesn’t seem to be working (not that I’m complaining).  Here are a few photos of my first days in Korea. This was my first time to Tong Young (통영), a lovely port city on the south coast.  It was a quick day trip with an easy itinerary as I was still recovering from jetlag/fatigue/stomach-something, but I loved...

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