Edible Curios: Ice in my Noodles

Edible Curios: Ice in my Noodles

The cicadas are screaming, parasols abound and mould is creeping out of every corner. Summers in my city, Daegu, are oppressive. Today’s high is at 35 degrees Centigrade, and we can expect 93% percent humidity around midnight. Right now, we are squatting between the...

Guest Post: Delicious Canada

by brian dye Canada Brand and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Korea (Can Cham) recently held their ‘Delicious Canada gala dinner’.  Canadian hospitality and grace filled the Grand Hilton ballroom. Despite being a formal affair Can Cham infused the usual...

A Guide To K-BBQ: Galmaegisal

It’s impossible be interested in Korean food without becoming familiar with ssamgyupsal, or pork or beef galbi. These particular cuts are definitely contemporary cornerstones of national cuisine, but because they’re so well known, sometimes it can be difficult to eat...

Guest Post: The Health Benefits of Korean Cuisine

Posted by Andrew Hall of An Apple a Day Perhaps partially as a consequence of Korean-American chef David Chang and his Momofuku restaurants, which use them within many dishes, American cooks are finally starting to discover the benefits of Korean ingredients and...
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