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Seoul is one of the most restaurant crazy towns in the world, but it’s so hard to find where the good restaurants are.  ZenKimchi Dining is making it easier by publishing information and quick reviews on restaurants, giving a better window into the constantly evolving Korean dining scene.

In each blog post, we tell you the cuisine, ordering suggestions and rate the restaurants according to ambience, food, service and value.  We also invite you, the reader, to rate the restaurants you yourself have visited.


Not only that, you can submit a review yourself by clicking the “Submit a Restaurant Review” button at the top.  Fill out the form the best you can and press the “Submit” button.  We will look over your submission and, if things check out, post it.  If you’re a blogger we link the review to your site, so it’s a great promotional tool.

On the right, restaurants are organized into categories for easy browsing.  The search box is at the very, very top of the page to the right.  Try it out.

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