The latest version of the ZenKimchi Food & Tours App has been released on both iOS and Android.

We’re steadily getting new downloads. I hadn’t promoted the app heavily until I fixed some basic annoyances I had with it. Mainly, THE MEGAMAP.

The original workaround was to frame a Google Map inside a shell. I had already spent weeks building the original MegaMap, and I was trying to find a way to make it work inside the app. The other option was to get users to download it and install it in the Google MyMaps app. The advantage of this was that the map could be updated on the fly. Yet it was slow and clunky. Even worse, it didn’t have a way to show where you were in relation to the restaurants. No “Center Map Here” button. Believe me, I spent every spare moment working on hacks to get this stupid button on the map.

Then I came up with another solution. I could put the map in another system that was native to both Android and iOS. This would give the following advantages.

  • Center the map on the user’s location
  • Show which restaurants were closest to the user
  • Faster operation

The disadvantages were that it removed the search capability, and the restaurants will only update whenever the app itself is updated. It’s all self contained.


The MegaMaps work SO MUCH better now.

Because of transferring to a whole new system, I’m having to rebuild the map from scratch. There wasn’t a foolproof way to import the original MegaMap. I’m typing in and uploading pictures for each restaurant one by one. This will take a few weeks. With each update there will be more restaurants. The goal is to make this the most useful app for you when you’re looking for a place to eat in Korea or a place to have a drink. I’ve already found it useful, and I use it frequently myself.

Hang on. More is coming.

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