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Broke my back–literally

WARNING: Graphic photos ahead. Not to be perused while eating. It's already been a, well, challenging year. I've had two life-learning experiences in running restaurants in Korea. I'll go into details about those later. My consolation was that my tour business started...
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Promoting Korean Food, Chapter 4: Y2Y Marketing

A few years ago I was asked to write a small book on promoting Korean food. I finished the manuscript, but it never got published. The publisher ended up going out of business. Here is the old manuscript for your enjoyment, posted in segments. Keep in mind that this...
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You Won’t Believe How We Make Our Onion Rings…

One night, I noshed on a multi-hour old onion ring. It was still light and crispy. Not greasy. It came from our new little experiment that we’ve implemented at OK Burger on the Cheonggyecheon.
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Serving Customers in Korean

I felt that as I'm a partner in this restaurant, I should learn as many parts of the business as possible. I've learned every station in the kitchen, and I'm pretty good at each except the grill. I also run the barbecue program. Now that we have enough cooks in our...
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Running a Restaurant in Seoul

It's been quite a year so far. Anyone who's been following me on social media or on Restaurant Buzz Seoul likely has heard the drama behind what's been going on. I don't really want to go into it because, well, it's bad form, and it's going to take a while for the...
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8 Great Korean Restaurant Franchises (and bad ones)

There's something I'd say for Korea that I wouldn't say for America--there are some freakin' good restaurant franchises that I'd recommend even over independent restaurants. Their quality is consistently good. These would also be great brands to export. I'm leaving...

Bibimbap in Jeonju: Where to Eat it and Bloody Well Enjoy it

Written by Rob McGovern In order to keep it fair and cover as much of the city as possible, I have tried several restaurants that were previously unknown to me, and I have been back to a few that I know very well. I have included restaurants based on a few factors,...

First Full Moon Day and Energy Tteok

Posted by shinshine The first full moon day (정월대보름; jeong wol dae bo reum or dae bo reum) of the year by lunar calendar, which is February 28th this year, is recognized as one of the five traditional Korean holidays.  Yet maybe because it comes so soon after the...

"The Art of Korean Cooking" … in 1959

Posted by Grace Meng A friend of mine recently gave me an amazing gift, a Korean cookbook published in 1959 that she found in a used bookstore.  Called "The Art of Korean Cooking," it's a slim, spiral-bound book of just over 100 pages.  There are no photos, but there...

Lasagna with Sliced Tteok

Posted by shinshine Do you have any leftover sliced tteok after making the rice cake soup (떡국; tteok guk) on New Year's Day?  Tteok guk is good any day and also one of the best hangover food for me, so I always keep a package of thinly sliced tteok in the...

The Twelve Days of Tteokbokki: a Recap

Tammy completed an awesome task in creating twelve different recipes for tteokbokki from different corners of the world while bringing it on home to Korea for the finale. Once again, here are the recipes. Day 1 - Szechuan Tteokbokki Day 2 - Thai Green Curry Tteokbokki...

Recipe: Multi-colored TteokManduGuk

We tried a little variation on the traditional TteokGuk this new year.  Usually TteokGuk is a broth made with beef brisket.  Well, not where Eun Jeong comes from.  She made something more akin to her mother's recipe, which involved a briny anchovy broth with strips of...

Dear Jeon… A Lunar New Year Recipe

새해 복 많이 받으세요! Saehae bok manhi badeuseyo! Happy New Year! We're having a small intimate new year in the ZenKimchi household.  Here's a little party food that uses strange ingredients but surprisingly tastes good together, especially hot and fresh.  This is one of many...

Homemade Hotteok

Posted by Grace Meng There are a lot of hotteok recipes online.  Based on my blog stats, there are even more people looking for hotteok recipes.  It surprised me that a street food, a simple fried pancake stuffed with brown sugar and nuts, is so sought after.  And...

The Makgeolli/Makkoli Debate by Andrew Salmon

ZenKimchi note: This is in response to the article and corresponding video written and produced by Daniel Gray of Seoul Eats regarding the promotion of 막걸리 overseas.  I appeared at the beginning of the video, which was taken at Dan's 30th birthday party and during the...


The Pancake Epidemic

"Come for the Stumptown Coffee; stay for the dangerously delicious pancakes." (Jake R.)

WinK Kitchen & Taphouse

There aren't many great American pubs south of the river, particularly near Gyodae. WinK is not only a good option, it's worth a trip across the river.

NEW “Gangnam Style” Menu at Park Hyatt Seoul

I was invited by the Park Hyatt Seoul to try their new "Gangnam Style" menu. Longtime readers will remember how jaded I've become to Korean fine dining. It all tends to be about presentation while flavor takes a bland backseat. I'm happy to say that things are...

CIA Greystone hosts Korean cuisine contest

The Korean government doesn't want Korean cuisine to be Los Angeles' best kept secret, so the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Greystone, based in St. Helena, Calif., in cooperation with the Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation (also called aT for...

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I'm a writer/blogger for Koreafornian Cooking (USA), the San Francisco Bay Area Editor for ZenKimchi Food Journal (South Korea) and occasionally for WineKorea.asia developing Korean and Korean fusion recipes, and writing articles on the Korean food scene in the San Francisco Bay Area and commentary on Korean food culture. I've written articles for Yonhap News Agency based in South Korea and Plate Magazine, a culinary magazine. My recipes have been featured on Serious Eats/Slice, Foodbuzz.com, New Asian Cuisine, Marxfoods.com and Korea.net.
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